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What did you (almost) name your baby? December 1, 2013

Posted by Sharath Rao in Uncategorized.

As we neared the baby’s arrival date, we were often asked if we had thought of names. This can be a tricky question and people employ various strategies – evasive and otherwise – in handling this question. Sometimes the name is a well-guarded secret and is revealed only when the baby is here, leaving no room for comments. At other times there is less of a symbolism attached to the secrecy and names are discussed within a close group of friends/family. We generally went with the latter option. That said, even when we did not discuss names, we mentioned that the name shall not start with an ‘A’. I would love to find data on this but it seemed like there was a strong preference in the recent years for Indian babies with names starting with an ‘A’. I am told that this is done by parents to give their children that slight bit of advantage when list of names are made. (In India, names are sorted by the first names). Hoping to buck what we considered a trend, we steered clear of ‘A’ names.

We had a running list that was typically 2-3 names long and over several months some names dropped out and newer names crawled in until the list whittled down to one name 2 weeks before the boy arrived. What went in and out of that list? That is the kind of information one does not typically see out there – really why bother documenting it. I though have this general curiosity about the name that narrowly lost out to the eventual one. It is an odd question (or at least I find it odd) to ask most people, except someone you know really well. So that you don’t have to ask me that odd question, here is the approximate progress of that running list.


Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 8.30.39 PM


Of course, we are talking about first names here. The last name is another story altogether, for a future post.



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2. hpsarathy - February 16, 2014

Hoping to buck the ‘A’ trend, (I just realized), we took a drastic approach and started out with ‘Z’ 🙂

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