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Act Two June 30, 2013

Posted by Sharath Rao in Uncategorized.

I stopped blogging over 5.5 years ago. Before I blogged Epistles for about 2 years – 5.5 years ago –  I tried blogging 4 times. Since I stopped blogging, I twice attempted to return to blogging. Going merely by numbers, I have been such a failure at blogging that I would only wish this abysmal a success rate on someone trying to kill themselves.

Going by anything else however, I only have great memories of blogging. I returned to the blog every now and then and each time I wondered how I could have spent so many hours putting down my thoughts, read by a barely few friends. Often times, I have read a few posts almost refusing to believe I wrote them – not so much because I vehemently disagreed with the content but because today I can barely bring myself to focus enough to complete a post.

That said, I have never ceased to love the written word. Moreover, my broad interest in most of the topics I wrote about – culture, data/statistics, india, economics, policy, politics – remain intact (except cricket which has declined)  What has changed then? I am now older and feel a bit wiser, I have lived in more places, worked in more jobs. I have also gone from sharing a house for a year, from year to year, with people I had barely met to now sharing each day with a woman I plan on being in love with for the rest of our lives. (Meet HP)

It may not be entirely unreasonable that Epistles may have played a role in the HP affair. She traversed the length, breadth and depth – spatial and temporal – of this blog before we met and she credits these writings – which were written in her absence and oblivious of her existence many years before she arrived on the scene – with having helped her understand me more than anything else. Such is life.

Other things have happened too. Back in 2006 blogging was generally more popular and a few friends I had known and others that I made through the blog were a small network of blogging buddies who kept one another going. I do not see that network anymore; people have moved on mostly to facebook/twitter where it is far more convenient and light-weight to update one’s status, post a link and engaged in discussions. This, of course, is no criticism – I myself have had active twitter and facebook accounts and they have their place. Except that I have missed the breadth, space and the permanence of the canvas that the blog represented – if facebook were the city square, the blog would be the countryside. (I do recognize that the wild countrysides quickly turn into ghost towns if not well tended to.)

I also debated whether I need a different new blog or should I merely return and resume. Each has its own appeal – a new blog would have meant a new beginning, which would leave behind the baggage of an older (or is it younger ?) self. Returning here would mean a continuity – an understanding that acceptance of one’s past is not an obligation to defend it. (Not that there is much in Epistles in I will struggle or be called upon to defend). Evidently the latter won out, either for the apparently lofty reasons I just described or sheer laziness.

HP has been the greatest cheerleader of my writing. Not a fortnight has gone by in nearly 3 years when I have not been asked about the blog to come. And today is her birthday.

Here then is to many more years of the written word.



1. Abi - July 2, 2013

Welcome back!

This is really great news, and I look forward to your second innings.

2. Sharath Rao - July 2, 2013

Hey Abi, happy to see you and truly thank you for your encouraging words. Its been many years!

3. harga emas - July 11, 2013

At this moment I am going to do my breakfast, after having my breakfast coming again to read further news.

4. Achala - August 14, 2013

Good to see you’re back (I think… A month’s silence doesn’t look very promising)…

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