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Mind and language December 26, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in contemplation, weird.

That line there in the boxed part of the picture below. Read it once. Pause.


What does it mean ? Read it again. Does it mean something different ?

Maybe its too late in the night but the first two attempts I thought why would somewhat want resumes of missing people ? Finally I concluded that the word “resume” has a meaning I don’t know, which is that it can just mean the contact details of individuals so as to help them be located/identified, and not a job pitch.

Until that is I visited the page and found the real story. (And all this inspite of knowing the sense of the word that means “restart/continue”.)

P.S: I would be curious to see to which interpretation of the sentence would statistical parsers or/and language models give a higher probability. (Of course they are actually two different words rather than being homonyms, but most automatic Natural Language Processing systems disregard the “whatever” that appears above the letter ‘e’ and build consider the two words as being homonyms.

P.P.S: My post title is another deliberate attempt at misleading the reader. Is that v divided by n or resume as in verb or noun ? Now you know

I changed the title without realizing I did and ended up misleading you about having misled you already when I had only misled myself. Smart ass me.



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