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Inner luddite December 23, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in contemplation, technology.

Every once a while at the freakonomics blog, Steve and Steve conduct informal polls, sometimes to get data for back of envelope calculations (see example) and sometimes just seeking advice from what one may expect to be a very intelligent and well-informed reader community (thats another of those nice things about top economics blogs). A while back Levitt went :

I’m a notoriously late adopter of technologies. It is not a conscious decision, and I don’t take any pride in it.

… As such, I need some advice from blog readers: what are some technologies I need the most that I’ve been slow to adopt?

I’ve been relatively slow myself. Cell phone in late 2003 that too because someone was selling it :p . Did not learn driving until I was way past 18.  And after 40 months in the US, have not got my license yet ( just use my international license 😉 ). I have not bought an ipod and may not in the foreseeable future primarily because I hate to carry around things that are really small and forget/lose and all that. And of course, not things that are too big either, simply because they are not meant to. 😉 [ Except a bicycle maybe 😀 ]. I did not buy a Mac either because back then I could not afford it, but now that I have one from work, I am so used to it that I am not that impressed any longer.

I have been a recent adopter of 2 technologies (if you can all them that) and I am loving it. Hold your breath for here it goes

  • RSS reader
  • Tabbed browsing in Firefox (I don’t use IE unless that is the only way out)

( So, if your blog stats have come crashing down, its because I am not showing up on your blog that often 😉 )



1. Ganesh - December 25, 2007

Why would you want to use IE? Even for those sites that support only IE one can use IE tab feature of firefox.

2. Sharath Rao - December 25, 2007

Oh yeah I would but then I spend so little time on that browser that I hardly do enough to necessitate one more tab/window. Finish off what I must and get out 😀

Again not because I have something against MS but simply that its a relatively inferior product.

Firefox itself sucks in some ways (memory hogging) in which case I switch to safari …

but to me the greatest appeal of firefox is really in the add-ons.

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