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Outreach update December 22, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in general, life, people.

About a couple of months ago I wrote about my participation in Kiva, a micro-lending website through which I lent two amounts of $25 each to a Pham, a poultry farmer in Vietnam and Regina, a baker in Honduras. I had promised to provide an update which can be potentially reassuring to anyone who is waiting to see someone they personally know who has down this path before they themselves do. From my lender page, I see that both Regina and Pham are on track with respect to their commitments – Regina had repaid 25% of her total loan ($250 of which my contribution is $25), while Pham has repaid 8% already.

To repeat verbatim from my previous Kiva post : “If you are a US resident and willing to forego one dinner one time and save that $25, and don’t know what to do with that money, well, now you do !”


During the same week, I decide to sponsor a child through “Save the Children”. Learn more about sponsorship here. (if you are considering sponsorship there are other organizations here along with ratings by the American Institute of Philanthropy)

My sponsor-child is Joce, a 7 year old girl from Haiti. The organization encourages sponsors and their sponsor-children to communicate with each other. A couple of weeks back Joce sent me a drawing. Photographs are below:


And my reply to Joce. (Warning : my handwriting is very neat and illegible.)



1. Harini - January 6, 2010

what is the latest update on joce, regina and pham?

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