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For 700 posts, I’ve been writing… December 22, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in blogging.

Just noticed this nice pattern on my blog stats page.


699 posts, 6999 spam comments – is that marketing dream come true or gone sour ?

That makes this post number 700. In 664 days since Feb 26th, 2006.

Woah !



1. rambhai - January 17, 2008

awesome stats mate tell more about your popularity~~~btw are you flaunting it??

2. Ramya - January 20, 2008

Well Sharath, after 3 hours and 19 mins of getting lost in your blog……a blog that I’m visiting for the first time probably after May 2007 [https://sharathrao.wordpress.com/2007/05/22/544/…i.e. when I last left you comment] …I’m compelled to make this comment…

“Some of the Best things in life (this blog included) are for free”…..However, its also true that “People Rarely Value What They Do Not Pay For”…or may I add – “for as long as its available freely”…speaking from my own experience…I just took it for granted that you will always have a blog in some form or another available online….and if and when I do have the urge to check if matter matters to my gray matter, regardless of what the im/probabilities of that happening are, I would still be able to do so here….at this point I’m having to digress from my original point and say that

/** Though this is sad for your regular readers…….you being specific about the duration of your non-blogism is a good thing for someone like me…who could use this time to catch up on the past blogs….and a potential new reader who stumbles upon this “severely underpriced@ snippets of infinite wisdom”……..would in this one year have all the time and hopefully the inclination to savour through your blog….and be ready to welcome your new articles when you do start writing again..**/

Ok back to original point…@ ..so it’s clear there only one thing stopping this blog from being the ultimate marketing dream [post 699 with 6999 comments]…..the pricing…………

Sharath here’s an idea…..how about in this year that you’re on your self-declared sabbatical…a “confidant” (say someone who may – or may not still – hold the record of having the longest conversation with you) make your old blogs available (ofcourse with his/her own comments and footnotes) for a “randomized” fee of $9 price endings or otherwise……

With that said…I believe the popularity of your blog will continue to grow in this year……..what will be surprising is if does at a rate faster than the last!!!!…….

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