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Weather update – Live webcams on Campus edition December 16, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in CMU, image.

I was reading news of winter storms in the North Eastern United States and was curious to see how things look, see not weather reports but actual footage of actual neighborhoods within cities I lived in – Boston and Pittsburgh. One option is of course look for videos on sites such as Yahoo! News and CNN, but you may not get what you want.

The other is to look for live webcams on the internet ! And from a link I saved into delicious back in July, I found exactly that.

Here is from a camera near my department at Boston University looking down on the BU Chappel. Far right end of the footage is the Charles River, which looks (at this moment) all but frozen to me.

Here is the cam from the Carnegie Mellon campus – the actual purpose of this camera is for people to keep track of the work on the new Computer Science building called the “Gates Building”. But, well…

Link: Online webcams

P.S : A sampling of (13) more pictures from the Boston storm. In this picture shot on Jan 24, 2005, the day after a massive thunderstorm, I was actually standing in the middle of the river, about 50 feet from the shore. Never before, never since. 🙂



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