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On the blogroll control-freak widget December 10, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in blogging, technology.

I wonder if there is a widget out there that you can plug into your blog such that it will order your blog roll according to any logic you desire. I would then order my (incomplete) blogroll by some function* that  can be automatically computed and accounts for the frequency of posts, length of posts and some other variables I haven’t yet thought of. They can perform the added function of removing (temporarily or otherwise) blogs that don’t meet a particular criterion.

Of course, given that this blog is not among the prime movers of traffic in any sense of the term, it may not make much of a difference other than quenching my geek hunger. But I am sure that vastly popular blogs would want to reward blogs that meet some criterion by promoting them up the blogroll. Or even randomize the blogroll every once in a while to promote all blogs equally (in which is becomes an equal outcome function 😉 )

* Of course, needless to say that function would be an equal opportunity function that does not discriminate on, among other things, the basis of attributes the blogger is not responsible for – such as age, gender, height, weight, race, sexuality etc



1. Randomizer - December 12, 2007

I’m pretty sure that vastly popular blogs sort their blog-roll by which one of *those links* returns the most traffic to itself. It is the only thing that makes sense in the trade.

2. Randomizer - December 12, 2007

correction – it isn’t of course the only thing. But non-professional factors excluded( that blogger is my relative, etc), it is probably the best way to ensure fair trade.

3. Sharath Rao - December 12, 2007

“On vastly popular blogs..” – interesting, reasonable but again we (or atleast someone 🙂 ) needs to validate this !

“it is probably the best way to ensure fair trade.” – again worth thinking about …an interesting problem actually.

Firstly, its necessary to see if all else being the same the topmost link on your blogroll is indeed more freq. clicked than others 🙂 – this of course being the assumption I implicitly made when I wrote the post.

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