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Birthday distribution December 7, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in numbers-in-my-life.

therandomizer in a comment on my earlier post:

In my personal observation, I seem to think that more kids are born in the latter half of the year (esp Sep-Dec) than before …. so it would’ve been interesting to see the stats for the year, though I know it’s too much effort. I think that this has something to do with the eligibility for admission into kindergarten.

From the data for 64 of my high school batchmates that I drew up almost an year ago out of curiosity.

Birthday distribution

Thats 28 in the first 6 months, 36 in the latter half. So there, therandomzier, too little data but still some supporting evidence I guess. Treat yourself to what – more frequent blog posts ?

Update: therandomizer with more data.



1. Randomizer - December 7, 2007

I searched the web and I got another source to support by so-called hypothesis 😛 http://www.indianpediatrics.net/march-306-312.htm

2. Sharath Rao - December 7, 2007

tangential point – this sentence from the article was kinda shocking –

“Our study did not include abortions and still births, estimated at 17% of all births(9).”

17% ???????????????

This is another study on football players –

3. Are birthdays evenly distributed across the year? « Realm Of Randomness - December 7, 2007

[…] to be a ton of birthdays around Oct/Nov rather than, say, April/May. He then went on to make a distribution of birthdays from his class of ‘97 – and found that there were 28 birthdays in the first half as opposed […]

4. Randomizer - December 7, 2007

17% ! 😦

BTW I’ve drawn up stats for my class of ’98 … over on my blog.

5. Joy - December 7, 2007

You’re back with the old look! 🙂

Feels like I’m back in the comfort zone. Navigating through the new look was like wading through unfamiliar, new territory 🙂

6. Sharath Rao - December 7, 2007

this has been my equilibrium layout …after all the tumult of having x layouts in y days, i come back to this one …my comfort zone too you know !

7. Blue - December 14, 2007

Even more interestingly, I’ve found out that a good third of the people in my department (theatre) share the same astrological sign.

Scorpio, if you’re curious.

The rest are evenly distributed, but there’s a preponderance of us mysterious Scorpios, for whatever reason. (Which is just to say that we’re a bunch of winter births, as noted above.)

8. Sharath Rao - December 14, 2007

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