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Assorted links November 20, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in blogging, economics, life, technology.

Okay, so if you could read say 15 blogs, which should you read to be most up to date ? (No ! not this one 😀 )

Being among the first to pick up on Internet news and gossip and rapidly detecting contamination anywhere in a water supply system are similar problems, at least from a computer scientist’s point of view. Both can be solved with a versatile algorithm developed by Carnegie Mellon University researchers.

Check the website for more details and their list here.


Questions that people ask economists these days. The answers they get are more impressive (to me) than they get from other Agony-aunt columnists. Except I don’t know Gloria finds them as impressive or useful.

More in the same series is Tyler’s incredible exposition of ideas on when to utter the “I love you” phrase. I hope this inspires a new round of Ballywood dialogs and lyrics.


Tyler Cowen’s “The cost of the Iraq war.” For which as Cowen says “….I’ve received more email about it than any other article I wrote this year and the paper edition isn’t even out yet.”



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