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Why do people stop blogging ? November 17, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in blogging, contemplation.

Update appended at the end of article

Who is the most famous blogger you know who stopped blogging ? Or lets say who among frequent bloggers do you know of that stopped blogging ? Why ? Why do people stop blogging ? And I am not talking about bloggers who blogged infrequently and indifferently in the first place, not those who have one ‘bad day at work’ and none to come home rant about it. My question is about regular bloggers who seemed like they will go on and on. Maybe the phenomenon of blogging has not seen cycles and recessions (!!), so its hard to find bloggers who cease to blog. I don’t know.

I am trying to understand the place and role of blogging in a blogger’s life. Its not like tennis players who stop playing – surely you can play only that long. But blogging does not require physical activity. Its not even about say violinists – playing a music instrument is special skill and very few do that in the first place and few give up. Its not even a full-time job for most that you retire from one day.

I think blogging is somewhere in between – it requires some skill, but once that is out of the way and once you have a dedicated (even if small) readership, what you need to keep blogging is time and sense of lack of indifference about the world around you. Or Ben puts it :

When someone maintains a blog, it usually means their mind is cranking so quickly that they need one more outlet through which to channel that energy and express their thoughts. It usually means they’re engaged with the world and what’s happening. It usually means they like to write and believe in the idea-generation that comes from writing well. Yes, it probably means they’re a little self-involved and self-important, but I prefer that to someone who lacks self-confidence. In other words, I like people who have a “posture” in the world.

What other real world activity does blogging compare to ? Reading ? Probably, but if you get busy for a couple of months and stop reading, you can still get back to it. With blogging it might be harder.

Is blogging like friendship in some ways ? Lots of friendships are disrupted just because you were too busy to call/meet for a few months and then you don’t know where to start. They are also disrupted when you get married, have children and suddenly have limited time. In general, for any number of reasons and events in life that suddenly demand a diversion of commitment of time and energy friendships may be disrupted. And blogging too.

And several years after you have stopped blogging you may come back to read your blog and think about the times you wrote those posts, how aroused you were about the world around you, how naive and self-important your thoughts were and how there seemed to be no end in sight. Just like old friendships.

Why do people stop blogging ? 🙂

Update: Another reason to wonder why people stop blogging. (NSFW)



1. mazhalai - November 27, 2007

i have seen 2 main reasons.. life /priorities happen and other is harrasment

2. Sharath Rao - November 27, 2007

uuh …harrasment ? thats interesting …

As in by people you write about ? by blog commenters ? other people in your life ? something else ? Maybe you should elaborate 😀

3. Joy - November 27, 2007

I do remember someone ‘Randomizing’ that employers run google checks and all that. Probably harrasment from the employers?

Sharath, as an aside…the disclaimer on this blog does hint toward something, eh? 🙂

4. Sharath Rao - November 27, 2007

aah, employers yeah….we discussed this briefly when randomizer went anonymous…

and the disclaimer – like all disclaimers, these are obvious only less verbose..

5. mazhalai - November 28, 2007

i meant as in blog commentators. an extreme case was earlier this year – there was one person who stopped blogging cos of death threats!!

6. Randomizer - November 28, 2007

Many reasons, I think.

* When Blogging first ‘hit’ the scene, many of my friends maintained blogs to keep in touch … they’d all comment on each other’s blog and this way everyone sustained the other’s blog. These bloggers were highly influenced by their group – and once some ppl in the group dropped out, their enthusiasm faded, and the whole group stopped blogging. With the exception of you, not one of the people on my FRB list when I started out in 2005 is still around! 😦

* Being discovered by family – Parents discovering your blog is a new-age version of parents reading your diary – especially blogs that are easy on swearing and are generally laid back in their approach. I was shocked when I realized I was discovered – but luckily that’s not stopping me.

* And like the first comment said, some times, something more important just comes along to fill your time – in most cases, another hobby

7. Sharath Rao - November 29, 2007

@mazhalai – weird…on a lighter note, I wish the person had got counter-death threats ( or death counter-threats) saying that his life would be in danger were he to stop blogging 😀

@randomizer – yeah…basically people just lose interest, think its a waste of time and should get a life and find better things to do 😀

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