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Whats there in Bangalore November 17, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in culture, india.

As MINT launches in Bangalore, it appears they have timed it well to have a special feature on “Why we love Bangalore” (other than that it makes business sense 😀 ). That page there, with famous Bangaloreans singing paeans of Bangalore City.

All that is fine until someone asks you “what is there in Bangalore to see ?” Or to make it sound even worse, what is there in Bangalore for someone who has seen every other Indian city ? Maybe its an unfair question – for a city is more than its monuments, museums and galleries. Yet it only means that Bangalore does not have something to offer to everybody.

I would take someone to the IISc campus – it comes with an attached botanical garden, a bookstore, a coffee shop for some obesity inducing vada sambhar where if you are lucky, you may occasionally catch an eccentric researcher talking to his tea cup. (And if you are not so lucky, a tree may fall on you as you take in the samosa at teaboard.) But then not all friends would appreciate this (would any??) – so maybe it will be Vidhan Souda and Lal Bagh.



1. Ashi Kacheria - November 19, 2007

Launching MINT in bangalore will not make us love Bangalore. We love Bangalore because of it greenery. But these days IT companies have taken over the greenery in Bangalore. If this continues then nobody will have a reason to love Bangalore. Nobody will come to see Vidhan Souda if its surrounded by tall buildings. We love Vidhan Souda because there is loads of greenery i.e peace. I am referring greenery to peace because it feels good to be in an atmosphere like that.
The IISc campus would no longer be the one you have described it may turned out to be something else. Instead of tree falling on you there might be cement and concrete falling on you. So lets try to save Bangalore.

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