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City notes and Ben’s blog November 15, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in America, blogging, culture, people.

Cities have personalities sure. Here is about Los Angeles. Here about San Francisco (10 reasons why someone hates it !)

I spent barely a few hours there ( LA ) and I did not really take to the place too well – it was like one big warehouse/shop floor. Or maybe I saw all the wrong places. Now I think I just want to go there once, check out the landmarks and be done with it !

On a related note, you kind of get tired of people talking of how the city they grew up was unique and the best place ever. Yes, the best it was, for them. Rest could not care less. Topics to avoid in conversation arguments with Mumbaikars – Mumbai, Madras-ites – Madras, so on and so forth.

I linked to the articles above from Ben Casnocha’s blog. Ben is “an entrepreneur, writer, and college student currently based in Los Angeles county. I’m 19 years old.” Do sample from his list of what he thinks are his best writings. Incredible range and depth for someone that young.



1. Joy - November 16, 2007

Been here in LA for 3 months, and I still think it looks like a warehouse. Industrial engineering has nothing to do with it 😉

2. Sharath Rao - November 16, 2007
3. Sharath Rao - November 16, 2007

Gang violence involving gangs of women ??

“”Police said the cause of the dispute is unclear, but was part of a planned confrontation between two groups of women in their early 20s. Witnesses told police they saw women shouting at each other and fighting at a discount store parking lot. The fight then moved onto the street and into a gas station.”””

Where in the world do you see that ? 😮

4. Randomizer - November 17, 2007

“On a related note, you kind of get tired of people talking of how the city they grew up was unique and the best place ever”

– Very true :). It’s something like this – If Mumbaikars (or ppl of any other city) are speaking in a group of ppl of different cities, their city will be presented as the best thing ever. However, if the group is comprised *only* of Mumbaikars, they will all speak about how Mumbai has gone to the dogs ! 😀

Have you noticed how we are slowly losing the ‘rights’ to bitch about our cities in India when in India? For instance, if you go on vacation back to Udupi, you cannot tell your friends/relatives there – man, the roads here are terrible … you are officially a ‘tourist’ now and people will immediately be on the defensive. However, if you had never moved to the US, you could have the same conversation and they would join you in bitching about it !

It’s a sad part of life … losing the rights to bitch about what you consider your hometown.

5. Sharath Rao - November 17, 2007

Yeah..so next time randomizer is in india with his friend J.

J : man…these roads are really bad rite….

randomizer : hmm…not really

J: No….i mean you probably notice this even more.

randomizer : actually thats a misconception…parts of US where it snows/rains a lot roads kinda get screwed.

J: So this is to be expected given the monstrosity of rains in udupi u mean.

randomizer : Thats an understatement – these roads are really good given how wicked the weather can get here. Count urself lucky.

J: Hmm….. ( am I drunk ? Or is he drunk ? Or does his dad work for the PWD or something ? ) Man, you are being patronizing ? Just because you spent sometime abroad …..

randomizer :WTF !! Damned if you do and damned if you dont !! (I should find the right balance between saying the truth and lieing.)

6. Randomizer - November 18, 2007

LOL ! 😀 If I wasn’t genuinely impressed by many developments this time in India, I would have had a pretty hard time having conversations about the city … in fact, some conversations went like this:

Me (On an obviously terrible road, the worst I’ve ever seen in my entire life – and this was NH-17, by the way ): Look at the size of these potholes ! OMG!

Friend/Relative: Yeah, this time the rains were really bad ..

Me: Yeah, but they should have at least started work by now.. its the national highway! … it’s taking 10 minutes to get past these 200 meters of road! They shouldn’t have let it go so bad..

Friend/Relative: Yeah, they will start work soon … see? (pointing at pile of jelly stones on the side) They are about to start … work will start soon …

Me: (Realizing I am not going to be joined with my tirade) : Yeah, I hope work starts soon 😛

7. Joy - November 19, 2007

@Randomizer: The drive in a car is more bearable on that NH-17 than in a city bus. Ever wondered why we don’t really need a roller-coaster in the region? 😉

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