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Links assorted November 14, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in assorted.

Blogger loses another blogger. This time it is Vishnu who went left Blogger to hang out on wordpress. Last time it was therandomizer. And prior to that was myself, I moved in February 2007. Somewhere in between DK gave up.

Except, one of the drawbacks of wordpress vis-a-vis blogger (for potential immigrants (into WordPress I mean 🙂 )..anyone going the other way ?? )  is that you can’t customize the layout if you have the free account.

By the way, you really must read Vishnu‘s sentiments on Diwali away from home.

Aloofness and freedom from all the complexities of these relations or struggle to be with like minded people? Or to reform myself drastically to be in sync with people around me? As I toyed with all these ideas the mexican waiter of the Indian Restaurant came over and handed me the bill. I wished the the elderly Indian employee of the restaurant (who appeared to me to be of my father’s age) , who showed me to my table was in his place so that I could atleast wish him Happy Ganesh Chaturdhi. I waited two more minutes to see if he would come by, but the mexican still persisted “Is there anything I can do for your sir?” I had to mumble a thanks and wish him a good evening and return back all alone…


Cars (that) Harvard academicians drive. I would interested to see a comparative evaluation (why : for the heck of it 🙂 ) with cars driven by UC Berkeley and UChicago professors. It is obviously going to be hard to control other factors – weather, distance from suburbs, quality of public transport etc.

As an aside, as one might expect closing the comments section on his blog allows Mankiw Chacha slightly more leeway in choice of posts and tenor. This is an unusual Mankiw post.


Times of India was always injurious to intelligent beings or at least being in intelligent information seeking modes. Now they are also proven injurious to your computer.

Visitors to the IndiaTimes website are being bombarded by malware, some of which appear to target previously unknown vulnerabilities in Windows, a security researcher warns.

In all, the English-language Indian news site is directly or indirectly serving up at least 434 malicious files, many of which are not detected by antivirus software, according to Mary Landesman, a senior security researcher at ScanSafe. She said at least 18 different IP addresses are involved in the attack.

Visitors can be infected even if they have up-to-date systems and they don’t fall victim to tricks to install software or browser add-ons, she said. She urged people to avoid the site until it’s been cleaned up.

Join my Orkut TOI sucks community !


Read this post for the Game theoritic reasoning with respect to assassination. More specifically, why “Kasparaov should die”.



1. yhac - November 15, 2007

“Join my Orkut TOI sucks community !”
You have one too?

2. sharath - November 15, 2007

oh yeah…when i first started aug 05…there was none….orkut in india took off sometime in feb 06.

3. Anand Gadiyar - November 17, 2007

You might like Mint, a relatively new entrant in the Indian newspaper scene. They’ve started circulation in Bangalore and it looks good so far.

4. Sharath Rao - November 17, 2007

Yeah …I wrote about that

and yeah, I really do like the paper.

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