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“What do you believe is true though you cannot prove it ?” November 4, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in contemplation.

There is this really cool website called Edge.org. One of the many things they do is to ask over 100 odd experts and public thinkers from several fields one question each year and have their answers put up online. You can catch the series of questions here and clicking on each of those the answers as well.

One of the questions asked (2005) was “What do you believe is true though you cannot prove it ?”. Of course, my answers won’t really deserve to show up there anyway, but hey, I will answer anyway !

I think social networks are overrated.

I have lot of respect for and faith in the ability of experts to explain the past. Seldom in their ability to predict the future in matters such as these. We just don’t know.

What else explains things like sub-prime lending crisis – entirely man-made, partly wall-street made and they have some of the smartest brains, right ! What about the tech boom/bust at the turn of the century –  all those entrepreneurs and venture capitalists hailed as superstars ?

Go back to read some of the magazine articles from 1999/2000 and am sure most of the guys making predictions were around then as well and often it looks like mistakes have not been lessons. Or maybe its whole new set of people doing the same mistakes. Today we make fun of how people (that often includes ourselves) evaluated companies from their market capitalization even if that number was 100 times the actual revenue. Now with facebook at $250 M in revenue and $15 B in evaluation (thats 60 times), its interesting to see where this goes. And each time you hear the same thing – “This time its different because blah…blah..blah.”.

A relevant link from Abi : A video

P.S: Somebody else concurs too.



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