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Remembering Newswagon October 24, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in KREC.

Back in KREC, I was a member of this newsletter/’rag-mag’ called Newswagon. Here is what I wrote about this in July 2003 when I built my first personal homepage.

At college I was a part of an organization called ‘Newswagon’ – a monthly newsletter. We would generally write things that go on in college or most often the other way around – make some things [happen] by writing about them….and put them up on the walls, trees and odd places. ! There were fifteen of us ( five from 2nd, 3rd and final year of Engineering ) representing about a total population of over 2000. One thing I really enjoyed was writing anything about anybody and getting away…but of course I learnt how to make and keep enemies. Everybody wants only nice things written about them…but nobody wants to read nice things written about others….come on yaar…how can we work then.

Here, from Abhinav (a former wagoner himself) is a slightly more specific (and hence less palatable) description, a description that although is accurate in parts, is very readable. It appears to me as being accurate in the depiction of the perception, of what we were thought to be. And often some of us became just that, if we weren’t already.

My favorite.

So he can have very, very high standards from himself-most of them quite ridiculous, considering his track-record.

A close second, very deep indeed.

And yes, because his ideals have not still been erased from his head completely, he is either fanatically moral or fanatically immoral, (sometimes at the same time).

In a typical Nwagoner fashion, must I respond with –

“Yeah, we were an imperfect bunch. We still are. Imperfect, not a bunch. Bunch, not imperfect.”

And by we, I mean :


Thats May 3, 2003.

Among the overlooked contributions of the Newswagon to the KREC Newswagon community was that it brought together a bunch of frighteningly like-minded people. In other words, telling me you are a Nwagoner tells me more about you than talking to your mom. (with the possible exception of knowing what you loved most on Thursday evenings for tiffin when you were 4 years old)



1. Deepak Krishnan - October 24, 2007

newswagon was an enjoyable entity in college as long as the writers themselves kept away from deliberately trying to “screw” folks they perceived to be below their intelligence/stud levels.

this changed during the Crrescendo of 2003 wherein the cheap political battle of the student union also carried over to NW. There were a few ‘intentionally’ wrong reports which could not be brushed off under the “make some things [happen] by writing about them” category.

For me, this was similar to the sickening shadow punch that I felt when I realised that The Hindu was pro-left!

2. Nanga Fakir - October 25, 2007

Jeez…you make it look like a nice post but I am actually not proud of it since it was written during one of the most charged political battles ever fought in the history of NewsWagon.

I’d rather say it was more a rant than an intelligent description! 😦

3. Sharath Rao - October 25, 2007

as I said its a very readable yet inaccurate rant ..though some of the things aren’t far from the truth …..

and even disconnected from reality, the sentences, that are plausibly accurate depictions of some reality elsewhere … read well πŸ™‚

and DK, LOLing at ur Hindu story man …remind me to laugh at this again πŸ˜€

4. Deepak Krishnan - October 25, 2007


Your reminder on the Hindu, sir πŸ˜€

5. Sharath Rao - October 25, 2007

But werent u so happy that the most respected daily also turned out to share ur poli(tical) affiliations ? πŸ˜€ Or were you a ‘greedy capitalist’ then ? πŸ˜‰

6. Deepak Krishnan - October 25, 2007

well, i have been alternately sad and happy. happy about the leftist hindu when they crusaded against the sardar sarovar project; sad when they refused to credit the BJP with any good, sad when they bashed the UPA for voting against Iran in the IAEA…………………..

7. Nanga Fakir - October 30, 2007


Check this out. I am sure you’ll like it.

8. Sharath Rao - October 31, 2007

Thanks a lot abhinav …that was good stuff..sent it around to my friends n all..

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