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An expletive and a pun today October 19, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in humor, ideas, weird.

In the annals of the weirdest things anyone ever said about me is Proses Anonymitus (remember her/his article I linked to earlier):

Sharath Rao has a good blog where he ruminates on everything but sex – a typical goody goody educated [..expletive ] Indian student’s blog, if I can say without making him feel bad. Nevertheless, his perspectives on some aspects of the desi life are good. I blogged here on one of the issue that he picked up, for which he later responded. May he get a lot of girl friends who likes him.

[ Emphasis mine ]

I am reminded of a related fact. Back last July I wrote this post, the word “rafian” implying of course that I am a fan of Mohamed Rafi’s voice/songs. For nearly an year from that point on and sometimes even today, at least a handful of visitors would land up on my blog looking for that word. It does not take a genius to investigate why this was happening and given that my work and attention lies bang in the middle of this domain – search engines/information retrieval – only made this more natural. Try searching for the word on your favorite search engine.

This has understandably reduced in the past few months perhaps because the search results for that word on major search engines don’t have my page in the top 10 at least (effect of time). Just a little technical speculation for those who care – putting the word in the URL made it worse (for me). As for Proses’ complaint about not writing about sex, I guess I will have to wait until a nanopolitan-esue impulse strikes. 😉 And on girl friends, the empiricist in me is smitten by a serious data sparsity issue. 🙂

Apologies meanwhile to all the beach video surfers.

P.S : As I was searching for an appropriate link to post on data sparsity (insufficient data), this is what I found – what, to me is the coolest multiple pun of the decade.

Many of the cell combinations might not make sense or the data for them might be missing. In the relational world storage of such data is not a problem: we only keep whatever there is. If we want to keep closer to our multidimensional view of the world, we face a dilemma: either store empty space or create an index to keep track of the nonempty cells. Or – search for an alternative solution.



1. Proses Anonymitus - October 19, 2007

And on girl friends, the empiricist in me is smitten by a serious data sparsity issue. 🙂

see, I guessed right 😉

2. Sharath Rao - October 19, 2007

…. and that must have been hard (to guess), eh 🙂

3. An explective and a pun today at Domains - October 22, 2007

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