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The North-South divide October 15, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in contemplation, india.

Vishnu has an honest personal account of the North-South divide.

If the southern states were not so hospitable, tolerant and unjudgemental of this so called dominance of North Indian intruders into their society incidents like the ones erupting in North-eastern states (of Biharis being abused by ULFA) would have erupted long ago in every IT-hub down south (Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore). And further such hubs are found and are prospering in southern part of INDIA more than northern part only because people have been more accommodative down south than in the north.

…although he concludes on a more cordial note.

I am happy speaking Hindi, English, Telugu as well as Kannada and this post pains me for being so harsh on Hindi speaking people, but I couldn’t help but convey the facts I observed.

I have personally had very good relations across this ‘divide’ ….and will have no similar experiences to recollect. Also 12 years of CBSE schooling and Hindi education therein for more years than even kannada has meant that my Hindi is more fluent than Kannada. 😦 And of course, 2 years of stay in Assam never hurt !!

Ask Germans about Polish and the French about the English and these grouses seem only inevitable. And they do so because of our expectations from the country the size and diversity of India. I very well recognize that the artificial and freak emergence of such an improbabley diverse country as India has certain costs. But it has opportunities too.

I  know I am probably preachy here, but its exactly what I think.

P.S : Just a relevant observation – at every level of granularity, from family to extended family to community to state to country, when we are with people like our own, we seek to distinguish ourselves. And in the company of strangers, we seek out our own to blend with.



1. Ganesh Nayak - October 16, 2007

During my almost 4 years stay in Mumbai and lots of North Indian tours, I have hardly come across bitter divide between North and South(though there are appreciable differences). But within short time in B’lore, the acrimonious divide between “Kannadiga” and “Tamilian” is more than ubiquitous.

2. Sharath Rao - October 16, 2007

@ganesh: always trust you with saying the right thing at the right time 😀

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