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Assorted Links today October 14, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in America, assorted, education, people, politics, videos.

Most cheeky question yesterday on Mankiw Chacha’s blog :

Question to think about: If right-wingers are underrepresented in universities relative to the population and discriminated against by the left-wing majority, as Larry suggests, should there be affirmative action for right-leaning academics? It seems that, on principle, those on the left (who favor affirmative action to promote diversity and correct past injustice) should endorse such a university policy, and those on the right (who more often oppose affirmative action) would be against.

Weirdly, the comments section has been disabled for all posts on his blog.


You are probably familiar with the “XXXX for Dummies” series. Its interesting that last week I saw a “Doing Business in India” for Dummies book. It means something.

Somewhat on similar lines, the Financial Times has a section on this now.

…FT Business School series of online executive education courses, conducted in partnership with leading business schools. Five professors from the Indian School of Business, in Hyderabad, will deliver lectures on topics such as marketing, microfinance and mobile telephony in a country such as India.

You will probably need a free registration there to view the videos. Seen on the same page, they have an entire series of videos on these and other topics conducted, what appears to be, in partnership with several top B-schools.


Another atypical yet familiar, weird though not surprising, but a nevertheless interesting story about a 24 year old in Chicago. From Modern Love in NYTimes.



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