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Moving about moving September 30, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in contemplation, reminisces-1990s, reminisces-2000.

Excerpts from a mail I received wrote today.

There is something moving about moving, about relocating, about transferring all your material possessions from one house to another. You first sit down to sort them all out into suitcases, cartons and bags and them sit down again with these boxes in a new house to find new places for them. They won’t always find a place that suits them, something they enjoyed in their previous house. If the house were really small, they may never even find a place and hence spend years in the basement.

Each time I pick up something, whether a business card, a cash voucher or a book, it sits there in my hand and tells me its story – where I bought it or got it, when and for what end. It also brings to light the larger context – was that a struggling me or an apprehensive one, a pensive self or a smug and accomplished one (ever??). And the best part is that often times these stories are about other people in my life and stories of their own. One after another these things take me to places I have spent time a fair time preparing for tomorrow (growing up, in other words πŸ™‚ ) – Manipal, Guwahati, Bangalore, Boston and Pittsburgh. Some of these are from several years ago – like the bill from a phone call I made home from a PCO in the Suratkal bus stand on the evening of May 29th, 2000. And then there is a badge given to me at my orientation at Carnegie Mellon from August 2005 that said – β€œSharath Rao K., 1st year Masters Student”.

This whole process to me is another kind of resume – materialistic resume if you will, as opposed to a professional resume. You can pull out your professional resume created at regular intervals over the years to see all the places you have been and what you accomplished there. Similarly, each process of moving brings you face to face with all that you have accumulated in life, chronicling everything from the trivial to the momentous times. The difference of course is that each of us have such a resume, no matter how unknown and obscure we are, or how uninspiring our stories are or how insignificant an impact we have had on the wider world (something that is true of most of us).

People talk about how they lost that old pen the last time their family moved. Yes, we lose things when we move. But then we find things too, things we thought we had lost. Sometimes it is that old photo, but often its ourselves – our people and places, our mistakes and misgivings, our apprehensions and anticipation, our gambles and gratification.

I am in Santa Clara, CA. Moved into a new house and it is day one at work tomorrow. πŸ™‚



1. Shivakumar - October 1, 2007

Hi Sharath,
I have been a regular reader your blog, though I never commented before…thought this is the right time for it..

I Wish you all the very best in your professional life….

2. Joy - October 1, 2007

Welcome to Cali! πŸ™‚

Good luck with everything, Sharath.

3. Sharath Rao - October 1, 2007

@shivkumar : thanks for the comment…and a much belated welcome to epistles πŸ™‚

@joy : thanks lady…

4. deepak krishnan - October 4, 2007

i have never moved houses; but definitely have shifted hostel rooms πŸ˜€

maybe there will be a ‘Done’ label on the house moving sometime in the future in bombay πŸ™‚

yeah, as far as hostel room shifts are concerned, have discovered so many small things which gave me such great joy at that time.

5. Ashwini Shenoy - October 5, 2007

Ah ! I have been “immobile” for the last 10 yrs [unless you count shifting rooms in the same house], but nevertheless have discovered a few of ‘those’
The hand-made ‘duster’ from my last Physics lecture by a favorite teacher.
The O.H.P sheet from my first ever seminar using one.
The list is long…as is your’s
Add my wishes to the loads of other’s…
Yahoo !!!!

6. Sharath Rao - October 6, 2007

you have never really moved houses, both ?? Missed something in life :D…but never mind there will be lots of chances coming πŸ™‚

ofcourse i am talking more about moving by yourself/your family (spouse+kids) rather than your parents’ family (parents+siblings +/- grandparents)

and ashwini, my trivia is not weird as yours …OHP Sheet !!! πŸ˜€
uuh…but i have a bandage though from the times i fractured by foot… πŸ˜‰

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