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retrospectives out there September 27, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in contemplation, life, people.

The beauty of hyperlinking that takes you from page to page with seldom any restrictions has a good chance of stumbling at some beautiful prose. From a shortindiangirl I don’t know.

As a young child, you are complete with your parents. There are no others. No siblings (yet – or if they’re older, they’re already there), no children, and grandparents are still not yet quite as close as mom and dad. There are no voids in your life and the family circle is closed. Complete. Full of love and magic.

As we grow older, and more aware of the world, our lives grow more complex. And the magic erodes with layers of knowledge and weary cares. A toothache today, an exam tomorrow, an application next week, financial aid next month, tax returns next year. A grandparent’s funeral, the death of a pet, a lost friend. Our voids grow.

No more can a shower of colored sparks and a poof change our world. We “know” that the only thing that can is our own deliberate effort. No more can a petite caucasian lady with a blonde up-do and gauzy wings create a new world for us. We are the makers of our own reality.

Never more can the fairy dust encircle us again in a complete unit with our parents. We are adults with lives and loves that spread us out in vague, unfathomably complex and incomplete networks.

In a way, believing in God is like believing in Magic again. I see the appeal.

And while we are there, there is more from Priya, final year student at my Alma mater, KREC, Suratkal.

It’s just that it’s mighty frustrating to be told again and again of taking up a step that’ll ensure you a worry-free life, and later finding out that it’s not true, not entirely anyway. And I was too naive that I believed that such a band-aid solution was possible, that just a single step could ensure that the rest of your life stayed made. The truth is, it’s never over till it’s over. The reward for hard work is only more hard work, and anything else you get can only be a by-product, or a side-effect. So don’t put in hard work unless you are not afraid of seeing more of it, unless working is really what you enjoy.

Your life will be “made” the same way if you do a Commerce degree, crack the CA exam, do an articleship for a while after which you do an MBA from IIMX. It’ll also be “made” when you do a degree in psychology, turn homemaker for a good many years, try your hand at various different enterprises, and finally when your kids are grown and gone, discover your true calling lies in a teaching career, which you then start actively pursuing. It isn’t a much differently “made” life you have when you are passionate about the written and spoken word since your childhood, take up science at Pre-University due to parental pressure, deliberately mess up your math scores so as to prevent the onset of a possible Engineering career, take up Arts and a career in journalism.

My previous post echoing somewhat similar sentiments.



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