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Graphs, Plots and animations September 27, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in humor, image, videos, weird.

Following this blog for a while now, I sometimes am led to wonder if Jessica Hagy must be the one of most interesting people to talk with.

As an aside, a friend of mine talks about how he closes the bedroom doors when he is cooking. Apparently that way next morning his non-Desi colleagues wont know what he has had for dinner. :-). Either you can keep windows open and invite dust into your house or use an AC efficiently keeping doors and windows closed all the time. In the latter case, also don’t forget to keep your clothing away from the kitchen.

Here is an independent confirmation of what Desi food (and its likes) do to you (and your house). As for me, I will anyway keep all doors and windows open and not use the AC if I can avoid it. Given my extremely picky nature especially with regards to food, the one place I really feel Indian (other than of course India itself) is when I am at a non-Desi restaurant.

For people who want to put off getting married.


Now here is something that is not a graph but an animation. Catch this video and everything else on the website. (Thanks to Youtube-freak Sanjika for that pointer)



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