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Parking lots and patrons September 19, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in America, image.

I have a thinking-loudly kind of observation through which will likely require you to either undertake some detective work 🙂 or recall something you may have already seen but not taken note of.

There are two major temples in Pittsburgh. Temple A is the Hindu-Jain temple and temple B is the Sri Venkateshwara Temple (subsidiary of the Tirupati Devasthanams). Walking around the parking lots as I inspect the make of the cars, I see one of the parking lots is far more likely to have BMWs, Lexus and Audis, while the other is dominated by Toyotas Camry/Corolla and Honda Accord/City ?

Of course, I just have one data point, but have you seen any discerning trend along the above lines ? (Images of temples are useful cues).

P.S : No racist/xenophobic comments please. Mere rational inquiry suffices.




1. Sailatha Srini - September 20, 2007

I suspect that the Jain temple is the one with the BMWs and SVT has the camrys? If I am right, does it point to the fact that South Indians are more conservative in spending and style than more ostentatious North Indians.

If the reverse were true, I stand corrected of my belief.

2. Sharath - September 20, 2007

That was my observation too …although given all the negative connotations of the word ‘ostentatious’, I would say conspicuous ….( although this too has taken on similar shades) … Ofcourse, I would aver this holds even when controlled for income levels ( else it makes little sense) …

I think this trend carries on to wedding expenditure as well.

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