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Existentially yours, Lord Ram. September 19, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in india, science.

One of Abi’s best posts here on the rather laid back attitude of the Indian scientific fraternity (sorority??), something that bends over backwards to avoid confrontation with the establishment and the public opinion. No excerpts, no clues, just go read it. 🙂

A contrarian (and only slightly more palatable) point of view here.

Digression : Can you “bend over backwards” if you are “laid back” ? Pray, am I becoming Tom Friedman ??



1. Abi - September 19, 2007

I presume laying back is possible after bending over. But it is also possible that laying back is a prelude (sort of like a relaxation exercise) to bending over.

Whatever …

2. wanderlust - September 19, 2007

i think the scientists and environmentalists should come forward to analyze the ecological impact of the dredging. and from what i’ve read about it so far, it is not going to be good, just like what always happens when people meddle with ecosystems. like the Aral Sea and Aswan Dam.

3. Sharath Rao - September 20, 2007

@abi : LOL at even attempting that one 🙂

@wanderlust : I agree that such concerns must be taken into account as well. In fact I don’t find myself on either side of the project myself since I am not well-informed about what the ground realities are.

I only find the nature of arguments put forth from people who oppose it rather puerile. In the end however, since we are a (majoritarian) democracy, we may have to go with what the people want as indirectly expressed via representatives (flawed though that model might be).

And another KRECian here, uuh 🙂 !!

4. wanderlust - September 20, 2007

i would say the arguments of the people are not well-worded in popular media, but the arguments as such stand on firm ground.

glad to meet another NITKian here… and that too one in carnegie mellon… would like to speak to you coz i’m thinking of “apping” myself.

5. Sharath Rao - September 20, 2007

“And another KRECian here”

“glad to meet another NITKian here”

Another generation gap here. 😀

Anyway, thats raosharathonline AT yahoo DOT com …

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