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Assorted links September 13, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in assorted, politics.

I like Arnold Kling’s very personal thoughts on 9/11, almost every single thing he says and hence worth reading in full. The last sentence of his post – “My guess is that if the United States becomes less nationalistic and less assertive, then the world as a whole will take a turn for the worse rather than for the better.” – might be too controversial, but people on either side of the divide have the advantage of never being able to know and demonstrate what if it were not so.


Fighting Black poverty : This is very interesting.

It’s the first day of school, and Victoria is considering potential investments. In particular: How Mattel’s toy recall is impacting the company’s stock price. It’s hardly a typical 13-year-old’s concern. But then, Ariel Community Academy is unusual. Its 420 students, nearly all black and about 81% from low-income families, are testing an intriguing proposition: Can teaching urban black kids finance and economics help some of them escape poverty — and shake African-American skepticism about Wall Street?

A relevant reading would be this article that shows that poorest regions of Africa today are those regions from where the most slaves were ‘exported’ to the Americas. Not of course to say these are the sole reasons for Africa’s backwardness, but impossible to deny it was one of the major factors.


Tyler Cowen’s views on Philanthropy.


Amusing thing day-before-yesterday : Seeing a billboard ad in the New York City Times Square that says : “Welcome to the center of the Universe”.



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