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The only ‘editorial’ I ever wrote August 27, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in KREC, reminisces-2000.

I am running into quite a few old documents – real and electronic – these days. Here is one I thought makes an interesting reading. As a member of the editorial board of the NITK College magazine “Vitruvian”, we reached a decision that no article from the board members themselves will make it to the magazine. This was because we all remember being dismayed reading previous editions that carried several articles with bylines of one of the editorial board members. As the English language editor however, I had a chance to pen an editorial which I thought would put up here.

That is from April 28th 2003.

As I pen this editorial minutes before we go to the press ( and readers, we aren’t saying this to make it sound more exciting ! ), I sit down to ponder over what is possibly the role of an editorial which has a place of regard in every magazine worthy of regard ! There is one school of thought that believes that an editorial is the ‘zeitgeist’, one that expresses the general trends and opinion of the day. Reading the editorials of the magazines and newspapers of yesteryears would give us an insight into trends and developments in history and peoples’ attitude towards them. However, it wasn’t so long ago that I thought that an editorial serves the purpose of satisfying a person who isn’t qualified enough to write an article on his own but isn’t even so run down that he finds no presence in the magazine.At the end of my assignment as Section Editor, I (now) belong to the former school of thought.

Well readers, come home to the VITRUVIAN. Our annual college magazine for this year as you would have noticed has undergone a few notable changes. One of those that I think deserve mention is the quotations that appear at the bottom of every page. Enroute to the 150 quotes that actually appear in the magazine, we have laughed our way through over 2000 of those ! Personally it has been a rewarding (and a stomach-aching ! ) experience.At the end of it all, I stand quite amazed and in awe of this wonderful faculty of humour that we are endowed with. Even after centuries of humourous anecdotes,quips and quotes behind us, everyday we still do find something new to laugh at.

One quote that truly embodies the spirit of the NITKian – “But for the last moment, most things would never happen” echos in one’s mind now (this is minutes before the printing starts). The four years in the life of almost every NITKian can be modelled as a few dozen discrete ‘last instances’ that mattered (forgive the jargon – unfortunately that is the closest some of us come to being engineers ! ). But guess that’s the way things are, and thats the way NITKians better be.

May the NITKian live long, atleast till the last minute! And with it the true essence of VITRUVIAN.



1. Vishnu - August 28, 2007

truly awesome post…
especially the part –
” The four years in the life of almost every NITKian can be modelled as a few dozen discrete ‘last instances’ that mattered” summed up NITK life in one sentence..

2. sharath - August 29, 2007

Thanks 🙂

I guess it was written in a completely different frame of mind. I even remember being aware of the fact that there will be much to disagree with down the line. For example – “But guess that’s the way things are, and thats the way NITKians better be.” I guess it comes from a thought that I personally did not take as much out of the 4 years that I should have.

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