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Back to the Pre-July 14th era August 22, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in blogging.

Over a month ago I had this informal survey and in the follow up post I talked about changing the format on this blog :

Among the comments I got, one that appeared persistently was that there were far too many posts that were merely links and posts that include more personal touch are more enjoyable to read. … At the same time there are those who really don’t mind having so much content since after all there is always a choice …. I think I have found a compromise – I will cut down on number of posts that are merely an aggregate of links. However these links will still be available, except they wont appear within posts. I have a separate section called “Just been reading” which will link to my delicious account. I will instead write more personal posts, which obviously will mean a slightly less frequent posting.

I made no explicit mention of how long the new format will stay, in fact I did not give much thought to this aspect at all. After over six weeks of having lived this format, I am having to ‘renege’ on the above commitment.

The primary reason for this is that I find it inadequate to just put up links under the “Just been reading” section. Often times I have more context to add, or link them to previous posts/articles or offer a comment or two from my own end which I am unable to unless I have them as a part of a post.

I embarked on the new format with some hesitation but I am now reverting to the tried and tested pre-July 14th era of the Epistles, without much 🙂 . The “just been reading” section will continue to be there since I will make a post out of only a subset of the links I bookmark. However, to look up past posts that are  purely opinion pieces that almost do not link to anything else, tags such as “reminisces-1990s”,”reminisces-2000″, “contemplation”, “rant” etc. would be good bets. For now on however, I will however tag such posts as “personal”.



1. Abi - August 22, 2007

I would suggest that you dump this idea of not doing linky posts. Links are helpful because they tell the reader the kind of stuff that you find important enough to link to; indirectly, they also say something about your interests and tastes. One could argue that this sort of ‘meta info’ is useful for your regular readers …

There’s this other benefit to you as a blogger: the links you park on your blog can come in handy when you want to use the linked article in a later post. It’s far easier to search your blog (because you can search for key phrases) than wading through other’s blogs or your own del.icio.us tags/bookmarks.

Keep linking!

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