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Fire last week August 19, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in reminisces-2000, weird.

Reading this sad piece of news of the death of fire-fighters on duty helps recall a not-at-all-so-distant event.

Exactly a week ago, some time past 10 pm I heard several fire-engines go past my house. Well, they did not go exactly past, but stopped pretty much outside my building. And they just kept coming. By the time I walked down to the street, I saw a restaurant two buildings next to mine on fire. The narrow street lined with over 9 fire-engines, police vehicles, police dogs (!) and the paramedics. With the smoke coming out of the top floor of the restaurant, hydrants were off and water being sprayed at the building and its  neighbouring ones ( to prevent spreading perhaps)

The street ( Ellsworth Avenue for those familiar with Pittsburgh) is lined with several pubs and cafes (and art shops) and to my suprise, the people were really rather calm, some shooting pictures (follow link for picture and short account), some just standing and watching – either some reassured confidence in the city firemen or just SUI (sedate under influence). As we watched, the ladders were already being set against the building and two firemen went up the ladder. The whole crew seemed calm too ; nothing Hollywoodish about their actions – perhaps given what they must have assessed at first sight as the comparatively minor nature of the fire. Minutes later they were stepped down the ladder and over the next hour the fire had died down and pretty much everything back to normal.

That was my first time ever seeing the firemen in action. But having seen it once, I will always be reminded of the night when I see news like the one above. Amazing guys –  these firemen. 🙂

Update : A better picture and description here.



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