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Friday feedback August 14, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in America, contemplation, reminisces-2000.

There is nothing like coming across an old set of papers ( or these days even email will do).

A bunch of little pieces of paper (chits, if you will ) takes me back to a Friday in Nov 2004. I was a teaching assistant (TA) at the Boston University. All TAs were required to take a course that dealt with aspects of TAing like grading, relationship with students, public speaking, office hours and the like. During the last day of this course, the course instructor ( Dr. Hamid Nawab of the DSP textbook fame ) asked each of to speak to the rest of the class ( of about 30 ) on our experience as TAs. And while we did it, he preferred if some in the rest of the class could provide a feedback on the person’s talk.

The feedback was to preferably contain criticisms and compliments (if compelling), had to be anonymous and handed over to the speaker. So as you must have guessed, as I was rummaging through some old papers, I came across the feedback I received. Here I record each of those messages I received.

– Speaking a little bit too fast

– Nice job

– Clear points. Good

– Good job

– More eye contact, Very good job though.

– Changed theme over course of the speech. A little fast but very clear

And the best for the last :

– Good eye contact, projected voice very well for the large size of this room. (Must) dress appropriately !

Yeah, waking up late to attend the only class that cold Friday morning in Boston, sleepy, shaggy, unkempt hair, a nearly ragged piece of fall winter wear.

And the feedback that woke me up.



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