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Leaving Pittsburgh, LittleRockers in Pittsburgh edition August 13, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in CMU, image, littlerockers.

In little over 2 weeks I will be gone. Out of Pittsburgh, my home of 27 months. On this occasion, I hope to have a few recollections in form of posts/photographs/trivia up here on the blog over the next few weeks.

For starters, I am tracking my school-mates from Little Rock. As I wrote in my earliest post here

And finally, India’s IT prowess, American graduate schools and a little luck somewhere has meant that I have been able to shoot pictures with almost 8% of my high school class in my graduate school lab 10 years later, 15000 kms away.

I am trying to capture those moments via the album I have uploaded titled “LittleRockers, Pittsburgh and Elsewhere, Sep 2005-Aug 2007”. These pictures as you will notice feature the same faces over and over again. And why not – we are a small group with a floating population, (much like the Indian cricket team) my high school-mates some of who are here on a more permanent basis (grad school for eg.) and others who are here as per work requirements. Yet, we have met every few months in different parts of the North-Eastern US, predominantly in Pittsburgh.

An advantage of seeing pictures of similar folks over a period of 2 years is that in addition to the fun we had, you can also track people’s changing hair styles, weight gains/losses, same place in different seasons perhaps and my two homes in different neighborhoods of Pittsburgh.

You can catch the slide show here.

P.S: If there is a picture that you think is really outstanding, you should probably thank Supreeth’s Canon Digital SLR.

P.S: An earlier set of pictures shot during the same period but in India can be caught here.



1. Supreeth Kini - August 15, 2007

hey man, the link to my photography – http://www,geocities.com/supreethkini

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