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Of falling frequencies July 31, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in blogging, economics.

In the early days of blogging as I discovered the joys of the medium and the treasures therein and as my obsession with economics and policy blogs grew, I wrote to Mankiw Chacha. (my very Indian way of referring to one of my favorite bloggers). Now nearly an year after, I have a feeling that one of these months Mankiw Chacha will stop blogging.  I say this from just observing how he has been posting fewer and fewer posts over the last few months. Of course, I don’t have real counts, only a guesstimate. And even when he does post, very few posts are anything other than links to outside content. He is probably busy (but summer??) or perhaps the math (opportunity-cost! ) does not work out. Sad indeed.

I wonder if the following theory heuristic holds : When bloggers inform readers of impending drops in posting frequencies, they probably want readers to understand/lower expectations but still check back every once in a while. But when blogging rates dip without warning, its happening without them realizing or the blogger has resigned to the new posting frequency, which over time, might reach zero. 😦

Meanwhile, Marginal Revolution seems all alive and well, whether its posting frequencies or activity in the comments section. So does EconLib. But over the last half year or so, a new blog – Overcomingbias has arrived. And it rocks.

Thats the economics blogs roundup.



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