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‘ve g@t j@b July 23, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in CMU, landmark-post, littlerockers.

Just to make this announcement which is long overdue (June 27th), I am joining the Applied Research Group, Search Monetization at Yahoo Inc. in Santa Clara starting Oct 2nd, 2007.

Thanks all for your concern, help and hanging around as my travel for these interviews kind of unraveled while this blog lay here unsaddled.

I will have more to write on this whole job thing in the coming days.

Disclaimer : My past views do not represent that of my future employer. Nor ofcourse will my future views represent that of my then past and now present employer. 😀

Related link : School buddy Supreeth has a blog, where he gets metaphorical. ( Also in taking up the study of economics as a non-professional/non-academic endeavor , he appears to have taken up my advice to the 15 year old ( though of course he is an eligible bachelor at 25 🙂 ) ).



1. Abi - July 23, 2007


And I like your new disclaimer about posts and employers from different time periods. Cool!

2. Deepak S Krishnan - July 24, 2007

Congrats man. At last, the student turns to the corporate world 😀

3. Abhinav - July 24, 2007

Congrats! Now this surely puts the Google Boycott in perspective:) All the best with work.

4. Sharath Rao - July 24, 2007

that jumping the gun, Abhinav. They are not quite related – that was back in Feb.

5. Sharath Rao - July 24, 2007

@Abi – thanks professor !

@DK – that statement and emoticon…hmm…there is more to it than meets the eye…

6. natasha - July 25, 2007

Yahoo!(corny..but i couldnt resist :))Congrats! I’ve made the transition from student (blogging) life…to happy working life (sans the blogging)….but that’s just me…have visited santa clara a few times…and the west coast rocks!! good deal!

7. Sharath Rao - July 25, 2007

welcome natasha…or shud i say welcome back !! ( and why the non-bloggin avatar …at least once every while maybe ? )

8. Moving about moving « Epistles - October 1, 2007

[…] I am in Santa Clara, CA. Moved into a new house and it is day one at work tomorrow. […]

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