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Feedback on the feedback July 19, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in blogging, landmark-post.

I am really glad I took this break, and more particularly put this break to good use. (yeah Ravi, I probably even overdid it 🙂 ). I will use this post to provide some feedback on the feedback I received.

Firstly, about why the survey was required at all. One might imagine that blogging especially of my kind is a recreational activity and hence there is no need to get an average opinion on that. Perhaps, but not so with what I think about blogging – I devote a fair amount of time on the blog and have never taken pleasure in writing something that none will ever read. Hence, but for a handful of them reading this would stop right now ! In such a scenario if I can make people’s overall reading experience a little more enjoyable with reasonable change in style and pattern, its a win-win and I welcome it. Hence the survey.

Coming to the feedback itself :

  • Among the comments I got, one that appeared persistently was that there were far too many posts that were merely links and posts that include more personal touch are more enjoyable to read. ( “Decrease the percentage of your posts whose ‘central theme’ is the link to the huge article”, “the posts have just too much information to concentrate”, etc. ). This in some sense reinforces the notion I had as well – that some serious ‘quantity control’ was required – and I am happy it came out in the survey. At the same time there are those who really don’t mind having so much content since after all there is always a choice (“you can blog at your own pace without thinking too much about the frequency of posts”). I think I have found a compromise – I will cut down on number of posts that are merely an aggregate of links. However these links will still be available, except they wont appear within posts. I have a separate section called “Just been reading” which will link to my delicious account. I will instead write more personal posts, which obviously will mean a slightly less frequent posting.
  • Another suggestion has been about having a “currently reading” list. Well, I am not that voracious an offline-reader anymore (more in a post :D), but (and hence) maintaining that list should not be too hard. 😉
  • Also one of you wanted comments to open in a new window – I am trying to see how that is possible, could not figure out yet. Any ideas ?
  • I am surprised none of you were pissed off with my constant changing of templates and layouts :p or in other words, I am not surprised people chose to be polite about it 😉
  • I have a addition called Top Posts in the bar on the left side which collects some of the most linked posts in the last 48 hours or so. From my observation so far, these are not always the most recent posts and some of them are way into the past. I thought I will leave it there – hopefully it throws up some random posts deep into the past for your sampling.
  • And my apologies, the survey software sucked or to put it more aptly – I sucked at using it.

That apart, thanks for all the nice words. I remind myself every now and then that its quite an honor that “you write something every now and then and people stop by to read it”. Over the months readers have drifted away, some drifted in and some just hung on. To all of you a big word of thanks.

Back to some ‘serious’ blogging. 🙂



1. Achala - July 20, 2007

I’ve seen comments open up in a pop-up window in blogspot. No idea if the option is there in wordpress. Till then, shift+click on the comments link should do the trick.

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