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Your 6 minutes please July 14, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in blogging, statistics.

What do you think about this blog ? What are your favorite topics ? What about the layout, readability and such ?

504 days, 538 posts, 662 comments ( 331, assuming half are my own replies ) later, I pause. I pause to get some direct feedback.

Tell me something !

I first thought I will just write a post asking for comments. But this sorta 9 question, 6 minute survey is easier taken anonymously n all that. Also thats the first time I am using that software to create the survey.

So please.

I will hold off another few days before I post something. Hopefully some data will have come in by then and I can incorporate survey results in future blogging. If the survey badly flops ( nobody replies or everybody likes everything about the blog), life will go on as usual 😀



1. Joy - July 14, 2007

Sharath, in the survey when I had to rate my experience regarding the blog, why is it that I couldn’t choose a particular option more than once?

If I chose ‘whatever’ for a particular topic you mentioned there, I cannot choose it for another topic as well…this only means barring out any one of the options, I’ll be *forced* to choose the others, irrespective of whether they apply or not. :S

Survey monkey monkeying around maybe? 🙂

2. Sharath - July 15, 2007

thanks for pointing that out …the survey(monkey) has been fixed …

3. Randomizer - July 15, 2007

Survey monkey problem with #6 …. i can’t submit my form because it says just above number 6, ‘this question requires an answer’ .. i’ve tried everything from checking all boxes to filling the text box its not letting me submit

4. Randomizer - July 15, 2007

Ok I finally got it… it takes only one check … not one ‘or more’

5. vishnu - July 15, 2007

Hi Sharath,

Let me tell you that I have been quite regular reader of your blog..
In most of the blogs of yours time passes looking into and getting a grip of the various assorted links that you provide before we come back to your actual post.
But putting in short I would like to see more links of places u regularly visit. Not just link of the whole website but links of exact places within the website where you concentrate (whole websites can be misleading NYTIMES is quite huge a website). And maybe few quick links to items u read, found intriguing but not quite so to be quoted on your blogpage.
On the whole an awesome blog page worth visiting every once in a while.

6. Sharath Rao - July 16, 2007

Hey Vishnu, pleasant surprise…did not know you hung around here …

your comments are indeed along the lines of others i have received …will incorporate these in future ..thanks for ur time…

7. Renu Aravind - July 16, 2007

Hi Sharath,

Though not a regular reader, i enjoy reading your blog irrespective of the topics. Only thing that i dislike is, to visit the links (to a different website) in your topic.

Its not a comment, i would say its my compliment to you. You are an excellent writer.

But keep going…..

8. Deepak S Krishnan - July 17, 2007

damn you sharath rao, for question #6 you ask for 1 or more reasons but allow only one tick Hmph!!!

9. Sharath Rao - July 17, 2007

@renu : thanks very much for ur compliments …too many links – yeah i know thats a kinda problem i will do something abt …

@deepak – weird cos that does seems to work okay for me….sorry man ..but its okay man i know you read this blog because u are killing time at work cos they can’t trust you with any responsibility at PwC. 😀

10. Deepak S Krishnan - July 18, 2007

going by recent articles in the TOI(let) paper, the mention of my name and my company’s name in the same sentence might cause trouble to me 😀

let’s test this prediction 😀

11. ravi - July 18, 2007

1 did it in 6 minutes! Looks like you’re taking 6 days to resume bloggin 😛

12. Randomizer - July 18, 2007

This template seems like the best match for the Epistles. If you do want to ‘shake things up’ every once in a while, changing the title image would be a good idea. In fact , the ‘Epistles’ is slightly unreadable right now due to the background image, so you could probably change it right away …

13. Sharath Rao - July 18, 2007

you are absolutely right man..i try several things and keep coming back to this …its like coming home 😀

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