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Misc. July 13, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in humor, india, sport, weird.

I am all but out of the job market but this job notice coming from everyone’s favorite country is scary. ( HT : Nanopolitan ). And then why should United States be the only government to fudge facts ?


When we Indians have to explain to an ignorant outsider with an example about this thing about India being a land of contradictions, keep this one handy.

This and that.

You cannot have your rosagulla/gulad jamun/gajar ka halwa/mysore paak. Nor can you eat any of those.

As an aside for several years I wondered how is not possible for someone to have their cake as well as eat it – afterall having the cake is the same as eating it !!


I am not among those who would automatically equate commercialization with evil but this time I agree with my favorite Cricinfo writer Tim de Lisle comparing Wimbledon and the All England Cricket Club over the years.

On Thursday, I went to Wimbledon…

Centre Court wasn’t quite itself, as somebody seemed to have removed the roof…


Coming from cricket, I was very struck by something. No, not the presence of women on centre stage. It was the absence of advertising. There is a little, but it is very, very discreet. The manufacturers’ logos on the players’ kit aren’t visible from most of the seats. On the green-striped lawn, much wider than the court itself, there is plenty of room for billboards, but Wimbledon doesn’t have any. There are only two brand names in sight at all: IBM and Rolex. IBM appears on the little board that gives the speed of the last serve; Rolex is on the main scoreboard. And that’s it. Both these famous names appear in yellow, on the dark green background that is Wimbledon’s signature. Neither logo is big, let alone in your face.


Yes, even I can get totally turned off by somewhat ‘macro-economic’/moral optimization functions for deciding which pet to have. I hate cats and almost absolutely nothing will make me put up with a member of that species.






1. Sudhir Pai - July 13, 2007

how have you been sharath. its been a while, has’nt it?
i’d read that camparitive piece on cricinfo. Though what concerns me are the other changes being incorporated within the wimbledon lawns. For starters, roof for centre court.That sounds like an amazing solution for the telivision audience and the telecast sponsors who lose much because rain delayed matches. I somehow feel wimbledon of all places retain its old charm. It’ll lose its sanctity if the organisers wrench it free of natures influence.I know i sound like somebody from the old school, but i do believe some of the “golden moments from wimbledon” will be spoken in the past tense if nature is denied her in the drama that sums up the wimbledon experience every year.

2. Randomizer - July 13, 2007

Weird template. Pls change ! Half the screen is rendered useless 😛

3. Sharath Rao - July 14, 2007

agree sudhir, that infact is tim’s complaint as well.

but then I dont know players themselves and spectators mite find this whole rain thing rather frustrating ….match-result altering even 🙂

@aswin : done 😀

4. Randomizer - July 15, 2007

Ok this is much better, except that the ‘fire’ image doesn’t quite match with the content of your blog .. 😛 it gives the blog an unusually ‘evil’ look 🙂 …. if you spoke more about heavy metal rock bands, it would fit , but you don’t . 😛

5. Sharath - July 15, 2007

yeah I was trying out a few things ..initially wanted to put in some images of letters (something I shot myself not downlaoded ) n all …but this pic went there merely cos it was good thought it had nothing to do with letters ….sounds more like a blog of a fanatic of some hue 😀 .. this will go too …and soon ( before it gets me into trouble 😉 )

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