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Indian politics – Worst of UPA edition July 12, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in india.

One of the most unimaginative solutions ever – the combined IQ of Renuka Chowdary and her bureaucrats may not exceed that of any randomly chosen exhibit from here. ( no offense to any of them )

( Hat Tip : Amit Varma )

After this statement from Prakash Karat, even adding him to the left hand side of the above equation, that random exhibit is still going to win !

Karat said his party was adopting a different stand for the vice-presidential election as compared to the presidential poll. “What we said with regard to the presidential candidate does not hold for Vice-President,” he said.

However, political observers feel that Karat’s argument is fallacious because the Vice-President has to run the Upper House and a non-political person may find it impossible to conduct the business smoothly.

Best headlines today describing more than aptly the latest initiative from our insomniac Prime Minister.

And finally a pathetic choice for president.

Oh yeah and funniest lines today :

“Let’s avoid presumptions,” said Daud Abdullah, deputy secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain, when asked if Islamists were behind the car bombs in Glasgow and London. “It can be the work of Christians, Jews or Buddhists,” he added. It’s not surprising that the Prime Minister does not stay up nights agonising over the plight of Pandits forced to flee Kashmir. Who knows, their tormentors may have been Buddhists from Ladakh!

Sanjika, remember our discussions about what such a hypothetical thing as a Buddhist suicide bomber might look like !



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