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Ex-defence n all July 11, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in assorted, india, weird.

A brilliant post on the IE blog about ex-defence officers seeking out corporate positions and the weird incentives they face :

An intriguing aside. Most ex-military officers claim that the CTC of a military officer with around 20 years of service, including all the freebies and perquisites, is around 18 lakhs per annum. The corporate world, however, doesn’t believe it to be true and is not ready to offer a similar deal to them. This argument of CTC is self-defeating. The defence forces are crying hoarse with the government that their salaries are abysmally low and they deserve a massive hike. The corporate world dips into these reports and believes them, rather than a military officer who has no evidence to support his claim, other than a monthly salary slip of 30,000 rupees. As a wag saw it – God forbid, if the sixth pay commission were to consider this claimed CTC for military officers, it would have to bring down the military salaries instead of hiking them!



Oh drunkards, now you may drink more, and more often ! ( Thanks to MR for the pointer )


 One of the most interesting but weird surveys I ever took.



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