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Orkut observations July 10, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in CMU, littlerockers, statistics.

Orkut seems to have steadied in its growth – at least thats true of my friends’ list. I am not sure about overall growth since observing the Little Rock community growth indicates otherwise. Here are approximate numbers for Dec 2005, June 2006, Dec 2006, June 2007 respectively.

Number of friends : 100, 517, 690, 720

Size of Little Rock group: 70, 517, 1050, 1578

Yeah, for about 1 day around June 20th, the two groups were equal in number (517)

So I guess pretty much anyone I know in the 22-28 group from school, college and grad school is on Orkut. Or at least those are who are not yet here, will not be here for a while to come. Meanwhile, the Little Rock group continues to add 3 people a day on average.

Abhaya, my colleague at CMU has an even more interesting observation about Orkut :

I see patterns, very vague ones and in almost all the cases, false ones owing to the nature of human brain which does a selecting strengthening of evidence. But they are interesting anyway. One of those observations is that a good looking person also seems to have on average, good looking (or photogenic if you want to be technically correct) friends. Another one is that often people who have not put up their own picture in profile , will have more friends of similar kind.

What do you think ?



1. Randomizer - July 12, 2007

“Another one is that often people who have not put up their own picture in profile , will have more friends of similar kind.”

Birds of a feather stick together :). The quiet ones in real life have quiet friends, the extroverts have loud ones… which again easily translates to hiding yourself on orkut vs flooding your page with profile and album pics of yourself. I think the observation is definitely one with merit.

Also, about ‘good looking’ – I think if the attributes for ‘good looking’ include how ‘trendy’ one is, in terms of hairstyle/clothing/accessories , and not *just* the looks you were born with, this is again something that mirrors real life to a large extent.

2. Sharath Rao - July 12, 2007

I guess I have a similar sentiment …both with the patterns as well ur explanation …

and also you would notice that people

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