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Pictures and locations ( and times maybe ) July 2, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in technology.

3 parties – A, B and C.

A has the photographs  and the information about the locations where the pictures were shot.

B has place to storage space online to store these pictures.

C has the infrastructure that enables the linking of the pictures to the locations they were shot.

A – YOU ;  B – Panoramio ;  C – Google

Such a simple, beautiful idea.  Visit Panoramio, search for your favorite city/town and find out more for yourself.

For example, search for Empire State Building and get several pictures shot by random people. Then use the map to see the neighbourhood, sort of non-walking tour of area around the Empire State.

A somewhat similar service from Yahoo, where Yahoo maps is integrated into Flickr.

Web 2.0 rocks !

I imagine that now that the location aspect has been covered, time should be next. Say I want to see how the MG Road in Bangalore has changed over the years/decades. Being able to tag pictures ( infact digital cams have this information as part of picture already ) with the date that it was shot and having people retrieve is cool. Ofcourse, its probably not as exciting as location based retrieval to most people, but those with an interest in history will relish such a service.



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