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Assorted stuff now June 30, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in America, assorted, economics, geo-politics, history, humor.

Are you the first born in the family ? Find out. ( in a kinda round about way ofcourse 🙂 )


About what it is like to be a baby. This simple extract itself is enlightening :

So what is it like to be a baby? According to Gopnik, it’s something like attending to everything at once: There’s much less of the reflexive and ignored, the non-conscious, the automatic and expert. She suggests that the closest approximation adults typically get to baby-like experience is when they are in completely novel environments, such as very different cultures, where everything is new. In four days in New Guinea we might have more consciousness and lay down more memories than in four months at home. Also, she suggests, it may be something like certain forms of meditation — those that involve dissolving one’s attentional focus and becoming aware of everything at once. In such states, consciousness becomes not like a spotlight focused on one or a few objects of attention, with all else dark, but more like a lantern, shining its light on many things at once.


Problem from the 1920s : How do you get people to pay to listen for radio ? If you pay to listen to the radio, I can listen anyway. The classic free-rider problem. Today the solution is obvious, but it was not always so.



The first sentence of this article. Its interesting how sentences like that have to read at least twice to make sense of them. I very often end up constructing, inadvertently sentences like them in my own writing. They don’t seem unusual until ofcourse you come across someone else’s prose.



Rice questions the great Indian hypocrisy.

Remember MMS’s gem on NAM :

Non-alignment is a state of mind, to think independently about our options, to widen our developmental choices.




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