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Assorted Links today June 23, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in assorted, ideas, india, politics, statistics.

Most hilarious article this week.


After yet another happiness survey, can’t help but be a skeptic of such surveys. ( Link from Mankiw Chacha )


One of the more interesting articles in a while. Counter-intuitive too. I have been in both situations and now that I read this article, I want to log my own comparative experiences in the coming days.

In the meanwhile, people breaking into lines continue to be on the top of my most-hated-people list. A close second is folks who don’t know how loud they are as they talk into their cell-phones.


This topic doesn’t cease to be interesting. At the same, more material on it does not cease to come.


The most important sentence in this article is probably this :

Raghuram’s report doesn’t mention this sponsorship.

I don’t expect the Railways themselves to come out on this, but as an academic I think Mr. Raghuram should have had a disclaimer in there. As he says :

A study sponsored by a subject does not necessarily compromise its objectivity.

Well, its also true that having an unambiguous disclaimer that states the sponsored nature of the study “does not necessarily compromise its objectivity.”



Dec 10th, 1975, Pratibha Patil in Maharastra Assembly :

We are also thinking of forcible sterilization for people with anuvaunshik ajar (hereditary diseases).

I love how things start tumbling out of the closet when you start running for a public post. I have therefore decided not to run for the post of President of India. 😀




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