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Reviving the Little Rock alumni blog June 16, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in contemplation, littlerockers.

This post might be too specific to the Little Rock folks reading this.

As you guys know, there is some such thing called a Little Rock Alumni blog that Ashith, Aswin and I started back in may 2005. This was meant to serve the purpose of disseminating information about LittleRockers – mostly alumni – and often about news from our Brahmavar campus (well, that is the only campus really !!).

Over the months the number of postings have varied – it first hit a low sometime during the end of 2005. In February, there was a sudden revival with this post which was followed by significant activity until Dec 2006 (reunion time) before it went downhill again. Since Jan 2007, there has not been a single post. Mostly and unfortunately, the pattern of postings has reflected my own schedule over the months. Sustaining it ( and my own personal blog – this one !!) through the tough grad school schedule has been hard and enter final semester, with all sorts of other commitments, I never found time to update (not to mention a discouraging cynicism that set in ).

Although it was always a part of the plan to recruit alumni from different batches, we were discouraged by the damped response our initial efforts in this direction yielded. Perhaps, it is our own inability to make time to market the blog sufficiently well and to attract the right kind of people ( defined later ). Although passive organization building (where people just have to show up/sign up rather than actually invest more time) in terms of alumni networks and organic growth through Orkut have been more successful, maintaining that blog has been much harder.

These results are not surprising – aggregating 100s of people and giving them a platform like Orkut, having the message spread through word-of-mouth and get the community growing is much easier. But having even a handful of people across batches, generations, geographical locations, working with people who have other full-time jobs/student duties, who have requisite connections to harvest news, who have at least average writing abilities, regular internet access and mostly importantly, a sustainable ( make that Times New Roman, Red, Bold, Underlined, Font Size 48) passion for alumni networking and Little Rock is much harder. Here failures are more public and more glaring ( blog not updated for 6 months for example) than with a community of over 1500 members whose purpose is merely really to provide access points to individual members.

Aswin finally wrote in seeking yet another revival – maybe the last time we tried, the time was not yet ripe. The hope is that in the past 2 years internet access in India will have improved and with a reunion behind us, there is more awareness and enthusiasm about this. I am reproducing Aswin’s call for new contributors :

The littlerock alumni blog http://thelittlerocker.blogspot.com/ has been pretty quiet lately as the editors (sharath,me,ashith) have been tied up for a while with other things.

We are looking for juniors preferably from batch ’99, ’00, ’01 .. ’07 with enthu (and hopefully decent writing skills! 🙂 ) to join and contribute to the blog so we keep it happening and lively. It’s a great way to keep alumni in touch with school and vice-versa

Any volunteers please reply to this thread or scrap me/sharath asap .. thanks !

Although this may not be the best occasion to mention so, its hard to fool readers ( and not at least myself) into believing that I am not skeptical about this working out. BUT I am giving it one more shot, one more whole-hearted shot at reviving the blog. So with you, Aswin !

Lets see where we get from here.



1. Ashith - June 16, 2007

I am with u guys… Lets re invent the blog!!!

2. Randomizer - June 17, 2007

Yes, I am sure the number of LRIS bloggers has increased a lot . Considering that guys as young as 18 are now actively blogging, and guys currently studying in school are on Orkut already, I am guessing things are much better than your first call for editors. Let us see where this takes us.

Right now, the only place where this new ‘call for editors’ is advertised is on Orkut. To better help ‘market’ this call, please do the following, Sharath (as u are the moderator):

* change the LRIS community pic so more ppl are attracted to visit the community
* have a noticeable ad in the ‘profile description’ section, and a link to this article there
* keep the ‘call for editors’ thread on top for as long as possible.

3. Sharath - June 17, 2007

all done aswin ! and good to have u back ashith …esp. now that you have almost all worries gone except your BMW coming in nice and safe from germany, u gotta join in too !! no excuses ppl, none this time 🙂

4. Anwar - June 19, 2007

I wanted to join the Littlerocker Blog. But it looks like I can only add comments to something, but cannot add something of my own…

Since I am new to this blog world… can you let me know how this is done??

First Batch LRIS

5. Sharath Rao - June 19, 2007

Yes Anwar, as things stand that is how it is …but thats what we are planning to change. To be able to add new posts/edit old ones, you have to have the acc. ID and pwd.

It would to be nice to have someone from each batch – and certainyl from the first batch.

We are considering migrating to wordpress and make other changes etc. I will contact you shortly.

6. Randomizer - June 19, 2007

Sharath, I think it’s a good idea. I’m all for WordPress…. let’s migrate . Is there a simple way to port all the posts ? How did you do it ?

7. ravi - June 21, 2007

I would like to contribute too! C’mon, there’s no dearth of subjects when its school thats concerned! And i’ve got more than sometime in hand as well!

Moving to wordpress isn’t essential, perhaps, is it?

8. Sharath Rao - June 23, 2007

Will get in touch with you man Ravi…gotta get this migration n all up first…

9. Vivek Tulsidas - June 18, 2009


I just wanted to know if you guys are still open for new editors. I am interested. Let me know if I can help out. Just drop a mail. You have my email id.


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