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The new look June 15, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in humor, image, india, KREC.

For KRECians and others who do not know about this new look campus :


Sourced from here.

And what it used to be and has been ever since I first saw the campus in the late 80s. I really don’t mind this color combination.


A new look for Bombay ? From this article of Suketu Mehta’s :

Its problems :

Bombay needs to upgrade dramatically essential civic services: roads, sewers, transport, health, security. But, as one planner said, “The nicer we make the city, the more the number of people that will come to live there.” Most migrants to Bombay now come from the impoverished North Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Bombay’s problems cannot be solved without solving Bihar’s problems. And that means that agriculture has to become viable again for the small farmer. Abolishing trade-distorting subsidies in the US and the EU would go a long way toward making, say, Indian cotton competitive with US cotton. Bombay is at the mercy of national and international factors beyond its control.

Solutions ( Won’t happen, dream on Mr. Mehta )

There’s no reason Bombay should be the capital of Maharashtra state. Shifting the state government to Navi Mumbai across the harbor, as originally intended, would free large amounts of space in the congested office district of Nariman Point. Beyond that, legislation should establish a strong executive authority for the city, with real decision-making power. The office of the mayor is currently no more than a figurehead; the city is run at the whim of the chief minister, and the state’s interests are not necessarily those of the city. Smart and brave architects and planners attempt to work with the state government. The city, which contributes 37 percent of all taxes paid in India, gets only a small fraction back from the central government in the form of subsidies.


Aside from all of the above, but from the same article :

Shot on the Juhu beach, whats that guy doing in the picture – hanging by that boat !


And why would someone name such a ride “Titanic” ! Would that be another addition to this song of Govinda’s – “It happens only in India” !


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