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Distance between dates June 15, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in ideas, KREC.

Aah, the near obvious thing about life is that there is always someone who has problems, questions and concerns that are similar to ones you have ! Of course, many ( maybe most ) have solutions that are not portable. For example – lot of people out there would like to learn Spanish. But each one has to do it for herself/himself ( at least given the state of the art in technology 🙂 ). However, some problems have solutions that are portable. And the good thing about the internet is that it enables this technology/knowledge/solution transfer.

The above paragraph was either very thoughtful or beating about the bush about things people already know.

Anyway, coming to the point, here is the solution to one of my problems. There have been at least two occasions that I have grappled with that problem that are somehow worth sharing –

a) when I was trying to find the number of days between my first entering the United States and my first visit back to India. Turned out to be a nice number.

b) One day in May 2003 when I was co-writing this farewell speech to our batch (see penultimate paragraph), I sat down to make this calculation by hand.

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