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Assorted links now June 15, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in America, assorted, image, india, media, politics.

Picture of the day. From the Hindustan Times :



Okay, Madam Patil for President. India’s political class (certainly no pun there ) have revealed the quality of their thought processes and decision making. Let us set aside maybe the 50 odd people from the various parties in the UPA and left who were engaged in coming up with a nominee. Baring these, what is the probability that atleast 1 among the remaining millions considered Ms. Pratibha Patil a presidential candidate. What then is the idea behind calling these leaders our representatives ?

Beats me. And when its happened, selling the idea then as being one of women empowerment is only patronizing to women.

Pratap Bhanu Mehta on the topic, brilliant as usual :

But perhaps the only answer is to genuinely democratise the system. Let there be an open contest in the electoral college. Let parties declare that their members are free to vote for the candidate they wish. Let candidates, rather than parties, make the case for their constitutional credibility. There can be two ways of getting a ‘non partisan’ choice. One is consensus. Since this is not possible, encourage individual legislators to vote with their conscience. Formally, with secret ballots and unenforceable whips, this is the procedure. But it would have been nice if all parties for once did not treat their legislators as mere fodder that comes in neat bundles that party leaders can simply deliver to someone of their choice. This is the premise of the current bargaining game. We need to shift from a focus on arithmetic which allows party leaders to act with hubris. Instead we need space for a more basic question: which candidate, in a free contest, would appeal to legislators nationally?

A fine Barkha Dutt article on the topic.


There is an article from yesterday’s Indian Express that is about Tiger conservation. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Sonia Gandhi. But the page though looks like this :


Some pun somewhere ?


IT recruiting in India – is someone finally calling a spade a spade ?


State of the my blogroll :

Deepak is an angry young man, never seen him use words like that. Shiv, Shiv, Shiv !

Aswin, stop living in denial. Blog more !



1. Randomizer - June 17, 2007

aye aye sir ! 😛

2. Randomizer - June 18, 2007

Following our discussion yesterday, I have finally made up my mind to move to an anonymous website – http://therandomizer.wordpress.com … 🙂 . Plz update your link…

You are right. WordPress absolutely rocks !

3. Randomizer - June 18, 2007

Also , please link to me as ‘Realm of Randomness’ … on ur FRB and not by my real name. Thanks . Will delete the blogspot blog next month.

4. Sharath Rao - June 19, 2007

okay..okay..I will 🙂 and yeah aswin, you think we should migrate to wordpress now that you have started using it yourself…..we are better off doing it now rather than later…

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