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Dispelling weird notions June 13, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in geo-politics, india, littlerockers, weird.

On late June 13, 2006, a friend (call her Ms. A.) and I were talking late into the night (5 am, so morning really ) when she mentioned she had an interview the next day and must hang up. I told her that her preparation for the interview was done already, implying that her conversation with me the day before the job interview was sufficient interview. When pressed, I explained an even earlier instance of another friend (call him Mr. P. ) with whom I spent most of the night prior to his job test chatting. Mr. P eventually made the job inspite of what he thought was his ‘abysmal preparation’. I, of course was merely joking when I narrated this to Ms. A but she got the job. This became something of a legend and somewhat well-known among my friends.

Last week another friend (Mr. R ) who had heard of this mailed me saying he would like to speak with me the next day. I was amused at the request because R would generally call in without any such prior notice, as friends mostly do. It turns out that Mr. R was trying to be lucky because he had an interview the day after and a phone call with me seemed like a reasonable preparation to do.

Incidentally, I had had a long day, my phone was off and we never got to speak. R had his interview and the day after even got his offer !! He then called me and as we were discussing how the interview went, he mentioned that he had tried to reach me and I never answered the phone.

Oh, am I glad he got the job. For three reasons – a) well, obviously he is a friend and I wish him well. b) the outlandish superstition ( well, thats redundant – afterall all superstitions are outlandish ) that a conversation with me was necessary to ace an interview was dispelled. And finally, had Mr. R not got the offer, a however small but non-negative, non-zero portion of the blame would have been attributed to me. :p

Well, I have a few job interviews coming up in the next few weeks. I intend to stack up further evidence against the above notion – so I will try to get a job without talking to myself ( which I kinda admit will be hard ).

In the meantime, if you have a job interview coming up, try not talking to me the night before. Ofcourse, don’t try so hard that the opposite superstition takes root. Instead, lets do a controlled experiment where a random half of you call me and another don’t initiate contact. If we have a sufficiently large sample, we can get some cool results and publish a research paper πŸ™‚

Follow this link to read more on why much of probabilistic reasoning has to be acquired and there is nothing innate about it.

P.S : Today is also my second computer’s 5th birthday, my KREC classmate ( now at IIMK) Summit Chauduri’s 27th.


If this were the only evidence available, there would be sufficient grounds to declare MMS as being out of his mind. That picture is somehow symbolic of what MMS would do when the Red Army marches into Arunachal Pradesh.

Former Foreign Secretary suggests a possible response to the Chinese :

New Delhi has to respond firmly to China’s strategic containment of India. We should invite Ministers from Taiwan and establish joint mechanisms to promote economic ties with Taiwan, in line with the policies followed by many South-East and East Asian countries. New Delhi should also facilitate wider publicity for the Dalai Lama’s views on the Sino-Indian border. Strategic ties with Vietnam should be strengthened with military supplies, including Brahmos and Prithvi missiles and a Plutonium Research Reactor.

If the current government does any of the above, I will …er…stop blogging on economics. πŸ˜€



1. roohi - June 17, 2007

hey i am desperately lookin fr a job!!
hmm… so whts ur number… hey wait me jobless aint i? so how do i pay for international calls…
ok, do chats count??

2. Sharath - June 17, 2007

roohi, chats do count actually :p .. chalo i am signing u up for a chat soon πŸ™‚

3. roohi - June 18, 2007

arey waah.. thank u thanku
shall i start singing.. dukh bhare din beethe re bhaiya ab sukh ayo re…
arey ye nuskha pehle kyun nahin bathaya.. πŸ™‚

4. Sharath Rao - June 19, 2007

LOL at what did u quote ?? bollywood ?? song πŸ˜€

thanks roohi, keep coming back like this – cos. I learnt a new word today – nuskha !!

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