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Maps !! June 12, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in geo-politics, history.

I wrote about my love for maps in an earlier post. Alas ! someone is actually concerned about it :-). Here is this amazing blog with some really imaginative…er.. imagery.

One of those interesting things you can do with maps ( and graphs ) is to leave stuff unlabelled and see if people get it. With maps at least its easier and the easier it is to get it, the better the map is.

Favorites :

– Sometimes you wish the world were like this. If you don’t get it, read more on that map here.

– So many folks in so many place would rather the world were like this. More on that one.

And if you don’t like these, there are a whole bunch here. Imagination rules !

Imagine what all these maps will do to our study of history and geography !! Even those never enjoyed in their present form ( and I am not one of them ) would probably jump ship.

And this indeed the “Oops, I did not know of the day.”

Nevertheless, at the Conference of the Western Occupying Powers of Germany in London (from January 14 to February 25, 1947), the Netherlands officially requested the annexation of 1.840 km² of German territory. …

The concluding statements of the Germany Conference in London on April 23, 1949, awarded only very small fragments of German territory to the Netherlands – about 20 fragments, typically smaller than 1km² and totalling no more than 69 km². Most of these were returned to Germany in 1963 and 2002. In fact, the ambitious Dutch annexation plans of 1945 have resulted in only one formerly German area now still under Dutch control: a small area called Wylerberg (in German; Duivelsberg in Dutch) close to the Dutch border city of Nijmegen, measuring no more than 125 hectares.

These Europeans are chilled out guys – been there, done that. They ain’t gonna go to war over such a tiny piece of land, uh 🙂



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