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Cricket mess n all June 12, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in india, media, science, sport.

I read this piece and laughed so loudly for so long that my neighbors called 911. Is it just me or is everybody else getting some sadistic pleasure from the crisis in Indian Cricket Coach selection process ? 🙂 Here is latest :

Waking up just about a month ago to hunt for a new coach for its high-profile team, the Indian cricket board on Monday ended up flat on their face after their final pick, South African Graham Ford, turned them down.

Emburey is reported to have told BCCI officials “after coming to India and taking stock of the situation, I am not interested in the position.” The former off-spinner is also said to have conveyed to the BCCI that Indian cricket has a lot of external pressures that a coach should not be made to face.

What Joy ! BCCI, probably the only organization of its size and influence, but does not have a damn website of its own.


Reading this piece of news and in the light of this fact, I am surprised the Times of India has not yet come after me. Oh, wait a minute, there is a knock on the door. 😀


The last 4 sentences of the first para along with the first 2 sentences of the second para in this article sure make great poetry !


Is this just somewhat baffling interpretation due to Sitaram Yechury alone or is this standard knowledge that I had not idea about ?

The first avatar is in the form of a fish. Science has now confirmed that the first life forms evolved underwater. The second is the tortoise, an amphibious creature capable of living both on land and in water. The third is the boar, able to live only on land. The transition of life from underwater to land marks this stage. Next in line is the Narasimha avatar reflecting the transition from the animal to the human form. This is followed by the Vaman avatar, representing the evolution of the human form in its dwarf size. This is followed by Parasuram, who wields the axe as his weapon. This represents the stage of the clearing of forests for human settlement. Rama who follows wields the bow and arrow as his weapon, i.e. a weapon that can protect human settlements by attacking the enemy from a distance.

Balaram, who comes next, wields the plough. This is the stage of evolution of human civilisation to the levels of an agrarian economy. Krishna represents the further advance of human civilisation in the stage of domestication of the cow and the development of the dairy economy. Farther down the line, Kalki, who is yet to arrive, is portrayed as riding a horse representing the stage of the domestication of the horse.

The Das Avataras can, thus, be seen as a remarkable recording of the evolution of human life and its civilisational advance till the Aryans mastered the horse and majestically moved across lands.

Eh !






1. Randomizer - June 12, 2007

That piece on the shiv sena guy thrashing orkut was hilarious. He says ‘if an american company wants to operate in india it needs to follow indian rules’ and in another minute he says ‘we will go to Australia/America and thrash these people wherever they are ‘… 🙂

Apparently, he is under the impression that he doesn’t need to follow another country’s rules when he goes there … he can thrash whoever he wants.

2. Sharath Rao - June 13, 2007

bunch of contradictions there indeed. I guess there are people like this everywhere…of similar hues, maybe even worse – whose thoughts now do no pass scrutiny of their own assertions tomorrow.

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