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Weird links today June 6, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in assorted, humor, life, weird.

1. On what and how people learn from near death experiences, I found this a really interesting post because I have been bemused and bothered by this question myself.

2. Uuh, Gorbachev, Reagan, Rajiv Gandhi to Putin, Bush and MMS.

3. On why emigrating to Germany is not an option. 😀 No, its not funny. For, in the social democracies of Northern Europe, questions such as these are not considered outrageous. 🙂 ( thanks to Sanjika for this link )

4. Uh, now another identity crisis.

I am an actor and artiste by profession but by birth I am also an agriculturist in the true definition of the word. I come from an agricultural family. My father, along with his brothers and sisters, owns agricultural property in the form of mango orchards in Shahbaad, Uttar Pradesh. My grand father, great grandfather were also agriculturists.

I guess if you go sufficiently into the past, we are all agriculturists. I don’t really know the social and economic justification of the law that disallows non-agriculturists from buying so-called agricultural land. However, surely its not to enable film stars buy them.

5. Okay, lets see how many people are killed and shops and buses burnt because of this exhibition.

An artist’s triptych of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, n*k*d, stony-faced and surrounded by haunting images of the unpopular war in Iraq, is one of the arresting sights at a major London art exhibition. Michael Sandle, whose Iraq Triptych was unveiled Wednesday at the Royal Academy of Art’s annual Summer Exhibition, depicts a morose Blair and his horrified wife, Cherie, as Adam and Eve, struggling to cover their n*de forms outside their Downing Street home.



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