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“How to lose friends and alienate people” June 1, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in humor, littlerockers.

There is ofcourse an entire book with the above title which I bought about 8 months back. The book is about the NYC page 3 scene (maybe thats why I did not read beyond page 2 😉 ). Sorry, bad joke.

But anyway, I may be can just add another chapter to that book. For recently when a friend wrote in and then after 3-4 days wrote in again asking me whether I don’t believe in replying to emails, I wrote back saying this :

uh..oh…the problem is that if i dont reply to ur message as soon as i see it ( like i am doing now ), i tend to forget that it is my turn to get back to you and keep wondering why u dont reply to my messages until ofcourse you write in asking why I am not replying, in which case I kick myself for getting it all wrong and reply asap ( like i am doing now ).

do you have the same problem ?

Actually coming to think of it, I find this explanation rather convincing. ( except I am the only whose opinion here does not matter 😦 )



1. Achala - June 2, 2007

You’re not alone.

Something I wrote to a friend not too long ago:
[i]…The speed at which I replied so far was the exception rather than the norm. If I don’t hit reply and write back immediately after receiving the mail, then it takes days, sometimes weeks for me to get around to replying…[/i]

Not that I forget. But once the urgency is lost, procrastination takes over. Fortunately, the people who write to me are equally tardy (actually, more), so it all works out fine. 🙂

2. Sharath Rao - June 3, 2007

…guilt, guilt .. 🙂

3. prakash - June 3, 2007

the simplest reason I can think of is …man i was busy so much work ..its become a busy world with no time ..hahah.. I get the same answer so even I have started using it 🙂

4. Rajaram - June 3, 2007


Those lines seemed a little familiar. The tardy people( or the person) got the message 😉

You’ll here soon enuf

5. Sharath Rao - June 3, 2007

Prakash : how about trying this for a change – “i have a lot of free time, but just did not want to disturb you “

6. prakash - June 3, 2007

ya true ..different ways of lying …since the second one also cant be true…:-)

7. Sharath Rao - June 3, 2007

@prakash : Oh …so would you rather say – “i have a lot of free time, but it was not worth wasting it on you ??” 😀

8. goofysaint - June 6, 2007

i kinda like the idea…may be i will use it next time i have this problem (which happens quite often, actually) 😀

hope you don’t patent concerns…do you????

9. Sharath Rao - June 7, 2007

no patents, well, certainly don’t intend to sue a saint 🙂

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